Due to inclement weather conditions/the winter weather advisory in our area, Sunday Morning Service is cancelled for today- 02/13/2022.

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A Brief History

(Miracle Center)

In early January 2002, Pastor Dr. Michael Nwamoh, Senior Pastor, received a ministration from the Lord concerning “His people, who were literally scattered like sheep without a shepherd.”

By spending time in prayers and seeking God’s guidance and sense of direction, he shared the Lord’s vision with some Christian brethren, who lent their moral and spiritual support. The earliest days of Church fellowship took place in the basement of a home, with three families that organized Bible studies, teachings and prayer meetings.

By God’s grace, the Church experienced a rapid growth over a short period of time and as such, moved to Dr. Samuel Banks High School Auditorium located at 2500 E. Northern Parkway in Baltimore, Maryland. On August 25th, 2002, the Church was officially inaugurated. Three years later―in 2005, the Church bought her first property located at 3007 E. Northern Parkway.

With consistent growth came the need for expansion. Again by God’s grace, in December 2013, the Church acquired a prior church facility in Timonium, Maryland, and started the New Year of 2014 with relocating to the current location at 100 E. Timonium Road – a sizable facility that will be utilized for the short and long term vision of the Ministry.