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Heavenly Banquet Vol 12

This is a FEMA approach to God's word: FEED, ESTEEM, MEDITATE, and ACT.As you connect with Heaven daily through the Heavenly Banquet, you will experienceGod's blessings in a measure as never before. Therefore, make the most of the materialscontained in this daily devotional through Reading, Meditation, Prayer and PracticalApplication. This devotional will enable you to connect with God daily and have asustained relationship with the living God.

God's Perspective of Marriage for Single Women

Marriage is an institution established by God right from the garden of Eden. Therefore,for one to be successful in that institution, one must understand the perspective of theCreator of marriage. Unfortunately, the divorce rate in our society, including the bodyof Christ, continues to sharply spike upwards because God’s perspective of marriage hasbeen grossly ignored by many. Marriage is a covenant and not a contract. This bookhelps take you back to the drawing board on why God needs to be at the center of yourmarriage, even before you say I do.

God's Perspective of Marriage for Single Men

As a man, getting into marriage without understanding God’s perspective and principlesof marriage is like trying to operate a nuclear reactor without adequate specializedtraining. The success or failure of your marriage largely hinges on the man. Therefore, itis imperative that he understands what God has to say about marriage before thinkingabout dating/courtship. This book helps you identify and apply essential principlesneeded for a successful & satisfying marriage.